27 May 2016: Conference Multilingual digital storytelling

Multiliteracies in Practice: Participation in a multilingual digital storytelling community. Goldsmiths, University of London – Educational Studies. Dixon Road, London SE14 6NW .   

4 December 2015: playingCLIL 

This is a European Project promoting the use of drama pedagogy methods in bilingual (CLIL) classrooms. This project is in development (2014-2015). It currently outlines the project idea and its partners, but BIEN hopes to see more concrete ideas for activities and links to relevant publications on this website in the future.

12 November 2015: Azbuka Russian-English bilingual primary school to open

England's first Russian-English bilingual school has just launched, and will hold an open evening on Tuesday 17th November at its premises in Mortlake, west London

21 May 2015: Conference on the spread of French in English contexts

The conference entitled The Spread of French in English Contexts: enthusiasts, challengers and rivals/ La diffusion de la langue française dans le contexte anglais : volontarisme, obstacles, rivalités will take place at the Institut francais du Royaume Uni (London, South Kensington) from 9am until 3pm on Thursday 21 May 2015 . The aim of the conference is to gather scholars from France and Britain who will discuss the influence of the French language in Britain and its empire, through the prism of education and cultural diplomacy. By linking education, culture and politics, this inter-disciplinary event will be a platform for historians, linguists and sociologists to examine the spread of French language and the history of French educative policies in the world. The event is sponsored by the Belgian embassy and the Society for the Study of French history. You are warmly welcome to attend; the conference is free but booking is essential.

24 November 2014: Speak Global 

 The SPEAKGLOBAL programme is designed to raise awareness of multilingualism in the world, and cognitive benefits of speaking several languages. The programme is free to use for any UK Modern Languages teacher. It is targeted at Key Stages 3 and 4 and consists of 2 sessions of about 40-45 minutes each, suitable for all abilities and students studying different languages. The Powerpoint is accompanied by detailed Teacher Notes giving teachers all the information they need to teach this programme themselves. The programme was developed by the Open University academics Ursula Lanvers and Kristina Hultgren, and tested in two County Durham schools with great success. 

18 November 2014: EU project Multilingual Families

The project guides and resources for families and teachers are now available on the project website 

• Why raising children multilingually helps

• How parents can raise children multilingually

• How educators can help and support parents

• Motivation for children to be multilingual

24 October 2014: Bilingual children show advantages

An article has been published by ROBERTO FILIPPI, JOHN MORRIS, FIONA M. RICHARDSON, PETER BRIGHT, MICHAEL S.C. THOMAS, ANNETTE KARMILOFF-SMITH and VIORICA MARIAN, entitled: , "Bilingual children show an advantage in controlling verbal interference during spoken language comprehension

11 December 2013: Open day in Marco Polo Academy

Join the Marco Polo Academy team to find out more about the English-Mandarin school starting their first reception class in September 2014 in the Barnet area of London. Information can be found here.

9 December 2013: English-Mandarin School to open in 2014

The Marco Polo Academy will start in September 2014, and is currently recruiting for its Headteacher! Information on the role and application process can be found here.

5 December 2013: Features on bilingual English-German school (in German)

Deutsche Welle video feature on Judith Kerr Free School in London can be accessed here,

10 November 2013: Interest in German 'huge' (in German)

Article in the German 'Spiegel' news magazine on Judith Kerr school, which started this September, can be found here.

5 March 2013: BIEN Newsletter No 1 available

Information about BIEN, fascinating insights into bilingual projects, and more... To read the newsletter go here.

2 November 2012: The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual

You may be itnerested in the article by Vicorica Marian and Anthony Shook, available here.

Or the discussion between Prof. Ellen Bialystok (psychologist), Prof. Laura-Ann Petitto (psychologist) and Peter Gazzelone (teacher), available here

4 October 2012: BIEN newsletter

We now invite contributions to the BIEN newsletter: Small reports, opinions, stories, quesitons etc regarding bilingual immersion education are welcome. Contact Gabriela Meier ( Please submit by 31 Oct. 2012

14 June 2012: BIEN flyer available to download

Please help to advertise BIEN. You can download the flyer and print it yourself. Please pass this on to any person or organisation that may be interested.

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